Sinler = sinner + light Sinler is a world of visual and material creation between darkness and light. Duality, cultures, deep emotions and nature are the main sources of inspiration to create original and unique pieces. How ? I use upcycled materials and brand new ones, a better way to consume in a world of overproduction. Every piece is hand made with care and love. My idea is to share my vision for you to mix it with your own. I’m inspired by asbract to make concret. Where ? All pieces are made in France by Sinler. Some are assemblage and some are fully hand made (sculpting/painting). The primary needs come from local shops and Asia when it's not upcycled (in that case, my precious finds come from all places and histories). In a world that’s evolving so fast, I find old/second hand pieces very nostalgic and precious. [S I N L œ R] A sinner in its religious meaning is the one who disobey, who take a different path, who’s a danger to society. Being rebel is one of my motivation because we should question what’s normal in our world. No matter if we agree with the rules or not, the idea is to be aware about what we’re a part of and assuming our beliefs. In the social world, a sinner is the black sheep of a group. Sinler World is for those who are not afraid to dig through themselves to look for their truth. Being a sinner is normal. It is what makes us human since we’re imperfect. Our sins help us to learn and grow, they live within us and we look for perfection through struggle and light. [Shine through darkness]